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Book Review – What Do You See? (What Do You #1) By K. Dosal McLendon


I believed I had my future all planned out.
College, track, friends, I mean, why wouldn’t I? I was a nineteen-year-old girl in college with a dream of being an Olympian that wasn’t too far within reach as a college top track star.
A jeep I could roll the windows down while the radio blasted as I sang off-key.
My own dorm that gifted me privacy from my two triplet brothers.
I had it all.
But just like many, I took it all for granted. That’s until my life turned upside down, and everything changed. I nearly became one more lost soul. Without the love of my family, friends, and a very charming soccer player, I would’ve truly lost myself in the process.
This is my story and how I began to see beyond what’s right in front of me.
Funny, all I had to do was open my eyes.
The only problem is time.

I lived a life never truly paying attention to the world around me. I had my dad, my grams, and my soccer ball. I was perfectly fine with the way I lived life.
Why grow attached to things that can walk away?
That’s until I saw her.
The girl I never thought I would find–the one who made me see in a different perspective.
Oh, and how beautiful it is.”

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What Do You See? is K. Dosal McLendon’s debut novel, which is the story of Claire, who is struggling to accept the changes in her life as she goes from on top of the world to rock bottom. In the midst of the biggest struggle of her life, she meets Jake. Not only do they have to learn how to navigate a new relationship, but the ups and downs of Claire’s new reality. On top of that, she had to give up her independence to move in with her twin older brothers who aren’t exactly fans of their sister having a boyfriend, especially when that boyfriend is their friend. 

I am stunned that this is K. Dosal McLendon’s first novel. It’s so impressive that she created this work of art on her debut. Sure, it needs some additional editing. There were several grammatical and spelling errors. There were also a few story-line errors, such as Jake’s dad starting as a senator and then being referred to as the governor instead. Really though, the editing wasn’t even close to the worst I’ve seen, even by more seasoned authors. As far as the story itself goes, it was absolutely beautiful. The imagery and character building were on point. The story-line was unique and captivated me. My only small critique is that I felt Jake and Claire “fell for each other” before knowing each other at all. All they did was play one partial game of 20 questions and asked very superficial questions and both decided they were in love. On the other hand, they actually didn’t tell each other they felt that way immediately and took their relationship pretty slowly, which made it a lot easier to accept. It was a very healthy relationship, so after I got past that initial annoyance in the beginning, they made me nothing but happy. I do wish we got a little more insight into Claire’s decisions about her future at the end. I didn’t feel I got enough closure, but I’m hoping to get that from the rest of the series. This book held so many valuable lessons about hope, depression, friendship, family, love and self care. I have read hundreds of books this year alone, but I know this one will stick with me.

I highly recommend this book if you enjoy contemporary romance, emotional reads and a lot of steam. 


Added: Months after my initial review of this book I had an eye doctor appointment. I was scolded by the doctor for not wearing my glasses regularly, in turn making my vision worse than it already was. Claire was the first thing to pop into my head and I immediately scolded myself internally as well. My doctor was right, obviously. I shouldn’t be taking my vision for granted. I am both lucky and grateful to be able to see. I started wearing my glasses regularly, no matter how much they hurt my ears, give me headaches or cramp my style. Being able to read all of the books is motivation enough to keep my eyes healthy! It’s funny how books and characters change the way we think and view the world. All this time later, What Do You See? is sticking with me, just like I knew it would.

* I received a free advanced readers copy (ARC) of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Book Details

  • AUTHOR: K. Dosal McLendon
  • SERIES: What Do You
  • PUBLISHER: Independently Published
  • PUBLICATION DATE: July 21st, 2019
  • ISBN: 9781097382958

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