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Book Review – Pass Me By (BFF #1)



Young genius, Dr. Zoe Lawrence, finds herself alone in Boston when both her best friends chase their careers to different states.
Feeling lonely and out of luck on love she decides the tall, dark and sexy stranger sitting front and center in her community college class, shamelessly undressing her with his eyes, is exactly what she needs – for one night.
But Zoe is about to get way more than she’s bargained for.

Eric “Mac” Mackenzie just wanted to ask the pretty young administrative worker out for a drink. Imagine his surprise when she steps to the front of the podium and introduces herself as the professor. Sure, he’s a bit freaked out, but something about her draws him in from the moment he lays eyes on her. And even though for her, he’s nothing more than a means to scratch an itch, he sees her as so much more.
He’s determined to get to know her, all of her, and he won’t take no for an answer.

As Zoe and Mac get swept away into a whirlwind romance, it becomes apparent that Mac is a man with a painful past, one he tries to keep hidden but follows him like a shadow, threatening to block out the light Zoe brings into his life.
Will their love be enough, or will the darkness tear them apart?

Pass me By is the first installment of the steamy contemporary romance BFF Series.
It introduces us to the world of Zoe, Trista and Phoebe, three lifelong best friends whose bond is unbreakable by distance and time.
The three struggle with real life issues we can all relate to, and while they can be uncertain in matters of the heart, they know what they like between the sheets and are not embarrassed to tell their men exactly what that is.

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Pass me by by Kyra Fox is about Zoe, a sassy heroine with a genius IQ. Like most young adults, she’s struggling with the transitions of life after college. She is now separated from her life long best friends and experiencing intense loneliness. To add to the struggle, her IQ makes her different and intimidates men. She just needs one night of human connection to scratch an itch, so when dark and broody Mac shows up in her life, she takes the one night she needs.

Mac is hiding secrets and a dark side, so when he encounters the vibrant Zoe, he knows he can only offer her one night. He isn’t good enough for her, but he still wants her. Past and present come crashing together in this mysterious, dark and sensual romance novel.

Kyra Fox’s writing flows effortlessly and her characters are so much fun. Not only did I love both of the main characters, but the supporting characters as well. I, a total introvert, want to hang out with this crew. I would even (reluctantly) leave my house to do it. Although there is a focus on the loneliness of separation from her friends, they also do a great job of protecting their friendship and cultivating new routines. The dynamic between these three girls is refreshing and fun. Their loyalty is inspiring.

Pass Me By has so many life lessons sprinkled in on topics including mental illness, work ethic, family dynamics, friendship and more. Through all of this, Kyra Fox creates a sense of mystery, while throwing in a lot of steam. The relationship between Zoe and Mac is HOT, but the questions start building up. My mind was switching between trying to fill in all the blanks with worst case scenarios and giving the benefit of the doubt.

This book was unique and kept me interested from beginning to end. I cannot wait for the next book in the series! I highly recommend Pass Me By to fans of contemporary romance, sexy scenes and intrigue and mystery. Also, if you’re like me and love a dark and broody male lead, this one is for you.

*I received a free advanced readers copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 

Book Details

  • AUTHOR: Kyra Fox
  • PUBLISHER: Kyra Fox
  • PUBLICATION DATE: October 13th, 2019
  • ASIN: B07WSMV7M2

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