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Book Review – Dangerous Desires (Dangerous Beauty #2)


“He’s everything she has ever desired. But there’s only one way to keep her man alive: let him go.

With Nasir’s life on the line, Eva makes a deal with the devil. She slips away to return to Dimitri, the mob boss who held her captive for years, only to step into a new world of trouble. Abducted by one of Dimitri’s most cunning adversaries, Eva finds herself an unwitting pawn in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

When Eva disappears, Naz is prepared to do anything to find her. Tracking her to the remote regions of Portugal is just the beginning of the hunt. Bewitched by Eva’s beauty, the darkly seductive spy who abducted her now has more than business on his mind, but the only way for the trio to defeat Dimitri is to work together…despite the explosive desires threatening to consume them.

With a game so deadly and the stakes so high, Naz and Eva’s love will be tested in ways neither of them could foresee…or perhaps survive.”

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I am a big J.T. fan. I’ve read and adored each and every book she has published. She’s a freaking master manipulator of emotions and a magician at creating epic characters and addicting story lines. I am so happy she has continued to intertwine her books, allowing us little glimpses at some of our favorite past characters. I was already a huge Naz fan, so I was overjoyed when I found out he was finally getting his own series. I about lost my mind when the first book, Dangerous Beauty, ended in a dramatic cliffhanger, but I mentally prepared myself for it this time. So, let me warn you, this one ends in a crazy cliffhanger too. What I really appreciate is that enough detail went into his story to give the characters a whole continued series, unlike most of J.T.’s other series, which were interconnected stand alone novels.

Dangerous Desires was action packed, sexy and so freaking stressful. True to the theme of J.T.’s writing, it was a whirlwind of emotions and definitely kept me on my toes. I swear, if I could have physically peaked around every page as if it was a corner, expecting a surprise to jump out, I would have. Simply put, this story continues to be the sweetest agony. It’s torture I willingly endure. Not only does the mystery continue to build, but another character I couldn’t help but love has joined the folds. I pray there is another series created out of it, although J.T. has stated that there isn’t one planned for him as of yet. 

Now if only I could immediately start book 3, there’s a small chance I could grasp the tiny remains of my sanity that J.T. hasn’t stolen yet… or maybe steal those too.

There is never a dull moment in any book written by J.T. Geissinger.

If you are new to J.T. Geissinger books or have not read Dangerous Beauty yet, please read my review for that book before reading Dangerous Desires. I recommend other books that you may want to read before this series, as the characters are connected. 

*I received a free advanced readers copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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