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I’m the one frantically devouring all the books, then trying to convince everyone else to read them too, which is why I started this book blog. Book Catharsis is an outlet for me to vent my frustrations, gush about amazing books and beg others to read my favorites. Reading is cathartic and my favorite escape and I want to share my love and appreciation of it with the world. I’ve been a reader my whole life. I was even on one of those reading posters in high school. I still regret not asking for a copy of that. I was staunchly against the Kindle for the longest time, insisting real pages were better and stubbornly clenching a book in my hand or hauling them around in my purse on the occasions that I was forced to leave my house. That’s right, I am a homebody. I prefer to spend my time with fictional characters than in the real world. Luckily, enticing apps like Bookbub converted me into a Kindle user, so even when I’m thrusted into the real world, I can take books along without shoulder injuries from my insanely heavy purses. When I do leave the house, I want it to be for an adventure. I love adrenaline rushes, traveling, trying new foods, exploring cultures and nature. I am always up for a hike, nature walk or camping. 

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I can usually be found reading in bed or in what my husband refers to as my ‘burrow’, my favorite corner of our sectional couch, with my favorite blanket. My favorite blanket, which he made me. Yep, my husband made me an extremely cozy blanket in high school and won my heart forever and yep, I married my high school sweet heart. He’s my favorite human, biggest supporter, best friend, partner in crime and pranks and biggest pain in my butt. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Not even for all of the books in the world, that’s how much I actually enjoy him. This coming from a homebody living in fictional worlds means he’s something special, trust me. Also special is, Tux, our labradoodle, comedic relief and resident cuddler. 

When i’m not reading, eating or on an adventure, I work for a non-profit helping create youth STEM programs to get students interested in STEM, secure scholarships, provide grants and create industry work placement opportunities for recent graduates. Not only is it rewarding, but it’s a blast. 

Basically, I’m just a book reading, animal loving, adventure seeker that can’t stop eating and has a cool job, but started a blog to nerd out with some fellow lovers of words. I hope to help you all find new books to love, but even if you don’t love any of my recommendations, I hope you continue reading until you find the story that grabs you and doesn’t let you go. 

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