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Recent Book Reviews

Book Cover Perfect Stranger by JT Geissinger

Book Review – Perfect Strangers

Synopsis "These kisses of his...they're demanding and possessive. They're hungry and deep. They're the kisses of a man who wants more of a woman—who wants everything—and isn't going to stop ...
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Pass Me By by Kyra Fox Book Cover Book Review

Book Review – Pass Me By (BFF #1)

Synopsis "SOMETIMES PEOPLE SEE IN US WHAT WE CAN’T SEE IN OURSELVES – SOMEONE WORTH FALLING FOR. Young genius, Dr. Zoe Lawrence, finds herself alone in Boston when both her ...
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Dangerous Desires Book Cover by JT Geissinger

Book Review – Dangerous Desires (Dangerous Beauty #2)

Synopsis "He’s everything she has ever desired. But there’s only one way to keep her man alive: let him go.With Nasir’s life on the line, Eva makes a deal with ...
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Dangerous Beauty Book Cover by JT Geissinger

Book Review – Dangerous Beauty (Dangerous Beauty #1)

Synopsis "A beautiful fugitive. A hot bodyguard. A high-stakes game of temptation.For Nasir, former Special Ops military man and bodyguard, his new job seems like an easy-money gig: trail a ...
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